Waterfront or Water View?

     Juneau is the gateway to extraordinary views and waterfront vistas.  When asked to recommend a property with a view, I have to ask, "What kind of view ... water, mountain, forest or downtown?"


     Juneau is considered one of the most scenic capital cities surrounded by intercoastal waterways from ocean front along Fritz Cove and “out the road,” to the Gastineau Channel flowing between the Juneau mainland and Douglas Island.  Perched between sea and mountains, we also have mountain streams, lakes, rivers and glacier moraines.


     Oceanfront homes will be higher end properties and will vary in price depending on their location.  Lakefront and riverfront properties follow and are typically located within the Mendenhall Valley area.  Throughout Juneau and Douglas you will experience rivers and streams as well the glacial moraines primarily left from the receding glaciers.  Juneau is a unique haven of waterways, forest, mountains and glaciers that add to its mystique.  It is a lifestyle you must experience.

Honey Bee Anderson
Honey Bee Anderson
Associate Broker
3000 Vintage Boulevard, Suite 260 Juneau AK 99801